Dr Keely Killpack

Change Strategist · Author · Speaker

Holistic expertise.  

  • Organizational change expert - Holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  Talent for aligning operations with strategy; engaging senior management and maximizing employee performance.  Skilled in all phases of change management and transformation with diverse, global business landscapes.
  • Experienced local, virtual and international team leadership strategist - Offers best practices leadership and employee development across any landscape; resulting in more efficient, adaptable, and successful employees, work environments and business operations.
  • Leader, collaborator and practitioner - Accustomed to collaborating on strategic direction, making immediate contributions through assessment, planning, active delivery and measurement of solutions.

Keely’s approach to organizational change is both human and practical all while seeding change capability at different levels within the organization to keep your people engaged.
— Karen Lechner, PMP, State of Alaska Business Applications Manager

Keely Killpack is an expert change management strategist and technology adoption expert with more than a dozen years of supporting diverse client organizations through transformational changes. 

Keely is known for her highly collaborative approach to large-scale change adoption in healthcare, retail, government agencies and transportation. Beyond consulting, she created and successfully implemented three complete change management methodologies and toolkits. Keely is also a founding member of ACMP, has presented at international and national conferences throughout the last decade, and taught college courses in change, communication, and leadership. Keely holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology and has just finished her first book about change management strategies, ChangeRX for Healthcare

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