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Keely has been a featured speaker at events from Anchorage to San Francisco to Barcelona. A respected thought leader known for her innovative ideas, Keely brings a down-to-earth, humorous approach to engaging a crowd. She focuses on providing audiences with tools and action items that translate into tangible results. 


no cape or tights required! real tools 4 leading super powered change

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This session is all about traits, tools & behaviors required of today's leaders to lead any change. This active workshop distills Keely's academic & dozen years of change management experience into what it takes to successfully lead a change. Leave this workshop with actionable concepts you can apply to your change initiatives as soon as you return to the office!

Presented at Center for Care Innovation's, Safety Net Innovation Network 2-day Conference, San Francisco, CA (November 2017).

Reinventing the Checklist! 


Back by popular demand, the checklist for leaders is an essential tool during any large scale change.  This session tells a success story about reinventing the checklist, elements that make it valuable, ways to keep it relevant, and how it was successful for 200 leaders in one organization! Participants will have fun, engage with their peers and will leave with a new checklist tool as well as some work already done on their own change projects back home!

Presented at Assoc of Change Mgmt Professionals Global Conference New Orleans, LA, (April 2017). 

WIIFM - Mastering Tools That Sharpen Your Messages


What's it it for me (WIIFM) is a fundamental principle all change practitioners use in their work. This sessions digs deep into WIIFM, discussing six indispensables of communication, the basics of listening and a brief introduction to the SCARF neuroscience model. Audience members participate in sharing best practices & stories, along with a communication challenge that helps them put their WIIFM skills into action!

Presented at Change Connect 4, Portland, OR (October 2016). 

Change Management in a Crisis


This session is a story and an activity around leveraging change management practices during an organization crisis. Companies excel at managing PR in a crisis, but often forget to managed the experience and distraction for employees. This session applies proven change techniques to help minimize distraction to employees and disruption of operations during times of crisis.

Presented at Assoc of Change Mgmt Professionals Global, Las Vegas, NV & Change Connect 3, Seattle, WA (October and April 2015)

Motivating Change Across Cultures


This interactive and fun session focuses on tactical experiences motivating change across multiple geographies and cultures. Dr. Keely Killpack shares stories from two large software implementation projects and how she approached communication activities in various regions of the world. She also shares some useful tips & tricks from her specialization in work motivation. Participants leave the session with helpful tools to motivate change more effectively across cultures or geographies.

Presented at Assoc of Change Mgmt Professionals Webinar, PMI Webinar (January & November 2014)


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This engaging session showcases change management fundamental practices and science as well as how important they are to leverage in agile projects. Connections are made between agile coaches and change practitioners and an activity based on the KANO model is used to help drive these points home and give the audience tools they can use back at their desk.

Presented at Agile Alliance National Conference, Las Vegas, NV; SF Agile; Scrum Gathering Barcelona; PMI Canada (July & October 2012, March 2013)

Keely Killpack is a master at helping organizations successfully orchestrate large scale changes, particularly those which impact culture. She effectively combines her in-depth knowledge of organizational change management theory with executable strategies to create positive energy and excitement and ultimately achieve the organization’s desired goals.
— Marie Weissman, Senior Advisor, The Chartis Group

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